Shop Local: BUY it where you TRY it!

Locally owned businesses (like ours) are headquartered in our community. For every $1 spent at a locally owned business 70% stays within the community. Other large on-line retailers merely extract money from our community.



A strong community can find strength in our difference and comfort in what we cherish in common.

We opened our doors on a very hot Saturday, August 17th 2002. We could not have done it without your passion or the dedication from our exceptional staff. Thank you.


Local high school athletes with some national caliber performances.

University of Delaware to ELIMINATE Men's Running Programs

Guest Lecture Series - Active Isolated Flexibity

The Delaware Running Company is excited to offer 8 weeks of Yoga during the Winter Training Months.  This is your chance to get off the roads and improve your strength, flexibility and reduce your chance for injury.